Focused on IT Services Since 1986

SCP has built trusted experience by maintaining focus on efficient IT services since 1986. SCP has a reputation of providing superior cost-effective, proven, and reliable solutions with a wide array of the leading hardware and software in the IT industry. SCP’s engineers are highly qualified and vastly experienced, specializing in IT networking and support services for Apple, all pc brands, Microsoft, surveillance systems, computer forensics, and a wide array of peripheral devices. SCP’s strategic solutions allow you to focus on your business!

Our Technology Solutions

SCP Managed IT Services


Our 24×7 monitoring, alerting, and reporting provides your IT assets performance, trending analysis, and security vulnerabilities. Data collected allows you and SCP to proactively manage your IT environment.

SCP Secure Backup


Our business class product set allows for the backup of a single computer, server, or an unlimited number of devices. SCP Secure’s in-house and off-site internet based backup performs to the highest standards in the industry insuring your critical data remains secure.

SCP Cloud Services


Our Cloud Services include everything from data storage, virtual desktops, cloud based servers, and email services. The delivery of on-demand computing resources over the internet from SCP can provide an affordable alternative for your organization’s computing needs.

SCP Data Recovery


Our data recovery expertise has proven advantageous for corporate IT departments, businesses, individuals, and even other service competitors. We use highly specialized tools and processes available through our affiliated computer forensics company. Our successful track record of recovering data from computer hard drives, digital cameras, flash RAM, video recorders, cell phones, and other digital devices is second to none in the region.

SCP Hardware and Software


SCP enjoys alliances with proven manufacturers and provides only the finest in reliable, trusted hardware and software solutions.

SCP Repair Services


Our Experienced team provides support services for all major PC Brands, Microsoft applications, surveillance systems, data recovery, computer forensics, as well as a wide array of peripheral devices. SCP engineers provide efficient and effective support onsite, at our service center, or via secure internet access.

SCP Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam


Our advanced technologies protect laptops, desktops, servers, and other digital storage devices against viruses, malware, worms, Trojans, spyware, bots, root kits, and other threats.

Our Partners